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Quiz Bingo

Bingo with a difference

  • As with traditional bingo, each player or players buys tickets which contains a 4 by 4 grid and has 16 different numbers ranging from 1-30.
  • Every ticket has a different set of numbers.
    image: Quiz Bingo card
  • Bingo numbers are called at random and each number has a question associated with it.
  • Questions are multiple choice A,B,C,D or E and are projected onto a screen, including music and picture questions.
  • If you number comes up, put your answer in the square with that number.
    image: Quiz Bingo card
  • The first person/s to get a line of 4 correct answers, vertically horizontally or diagonally wins cash prizes!
    image: Quiz Bingo card
  • If you dont know the answer you can always have a guess. The combination of skill and luck means everyone has a chance to win!

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